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How To Wear A Vintage Collar Clip

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Today we will discuss a vintage item you will sometimes see and wonder what the heck they are and, how anyone would you ever use it.. It is the collar clip. Often, confusingly called a tie clip. Associated, but definitely not a tie clip. It is used to "lift" the tie up, and out, from the neck for a smarter retro look. Let's start by looking at the photo's below. This is a collar clip. Note the two ends with a solid center. These come in many styles and, variations of metals. Let's use one...

Collar Clip

Collar clip

A collar clip is meant to be used with a dress shirt collar that is "closer together" than most. These can still be purchased today. The collars, and collar clips, were made famous by the Hollywood movie stars of the day. The collar clip is more versatile and would definitely be the preference of most men wishing to use this style of formal dress. Let's have a look at what is involved in wearing one. ---------------------------------------


The first step would be to put on your shirt and tie. I'm cheating a bit with a dress shirt and not so well tied tie. First step is to slide the clip over one collar just about an inch up or, at your preferred height.

Step one to put on a collar clip

Next we pull the tie up over the top of the clip. Leaving the body of the clip below the tie as shown below. A very simple process.

Step to in putting on a collar clip.

From this point, we will slip the other side of the collar clip onto the other collar.

Collar clip shown in place.

That's it. Your tie will now "pop out" from your neck, giving you that classic vintage look while adding a bit of pizazz to your collar. So the next time someone asks you " What the heck is that"? you can say, "It's a collar clip". These are often mistakenly referred to as a tie clip. Many just look at it and wonder "How in hades does that thing go on a tie? Well, now you know. Read on for a couple of extra tips.


Sometimes these clips are very tight and, it seems like your collar will just not go through. This can be the case with New Old Stock (NOS) that hasn't ever been used. The best way I have found to remedy this is to place a dime in the open space on each side of the collar clip and pry upwards or, downwards until the clip slides on more easily. You are just bending the metal clip outward a bit so it will not be as tight. Check out the photo below for a visual.

Adjusting a tight collar clip to fit.

Just one last mention here before I move on. These absolutely do not have to be worn with ties. If you aren't going formal, then you can always just add the collar clip as another accessory to your wardrobe. In this case, try to find one that has a bit of flair to it rather than a straight bar. I'll show you my example below which actually looks quite nice. These items are truly versatile.

Wearing a collar clip without a tie.

Well, that's another post I hope you find informative. Don't be worried about checking these vintage clips out as they are easy to use and, add that little something extra stylish to your men's (and women's) wear. These collar clips are also still made today. Check them out next time you get a chance to wear one. See you again soon and, don't forget to check out my online cuff link shop below. Thanks everybody,  Rob 

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