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How To Put On Button Covers. The Cuff Link Alternative.

"How To" 

Photo of button covers

Lets give a quick rundown on the best way to dress up that non French Cuff shirt. You would just love to wear cuff links but, between the price point of a French Cuff shirt and the added expense of cuff links, what's a guy or gal to do? Welcome to the world of the "button cover". Button covers are generally less expensive and, can be just as handsome as any cuff link on the market. Just for today, we are going to wave goodbye to the cuff link and say hello to an old standard even your kids can operate. The "Button Cover".

Let's take a quick look at these amazing little pieces of wrist candy called...

                                                           THE BUTTON COVER
Photo of button cover

     Button covers come in an array of shapes and sizes. They aren't all round and, come in as many interesting styles as a regular cuff link would. One thing does remain the same though, the attachment. No matter what size or shape they take on, the back will always be the same.

                                                   THE BUTTON COVER BACK
Photo of button cover back.


     Here we have the back of a button cover (they come in sets but, we will just look at one). The user friendly piece is that odd shaped metal on the back. This is the part that will slip under your button. Let's drop down a photo and see the "guts" and, how the mechanism works.


                                                       OPEN BUTTON COVER
Photo of open button cover

     Here is the button cover ready to be used. It is in the open position. To open these is quite a simple task. Just pull on that odd shaped piece of metal. It is hinged and, only held in by clips that nestle against the inner wall of the button cover. So easy, that even a child could do it. What you now have is an open and ready to wear inexpensive pseudo cuff link. Let's put it on.

                                                     INSERT THE BUTTON COVER
Photo of putting on a button cover


     The first thing we want to do is slide that odd looking metal piece "under" your button as shown above. It slips in very comfortably with no resistance. These are a dream for any man, or women, in a rush to get out and get going. Such a quick little invention. The best part is they will work on any shirt with a button. You can even use them to dress up your top neck button. Great stuff. Now let's take a look at what happens next....

                                                 SEAT AND CLOSE BUTTON COVER
Photo of a fully inserted button cover.

     Here we have pushed the button cover all the way under the button. As mentioned earlier, it is amazingly easy to do. Our next step is to just close the cover (top). That's it! Ten thousand times easier than struggling with cuff link holes. They can be worn on anything that has a button. Let's take a look at how this all turned out. No different than any cuff link and, at a fraction of the cost.

                                                        THE COMPLETED LOOK
Photo of a button cover on sleeve

     A very smart and easy look to employ. Button covers are extremely comfortable as well as secure. For those with metal allergies, the great part is that no metal touches your skin. Kids love them, adults love them, it's a "win win". Fantastic for anyone in a rush. What?! No French Cuff? No problem! 

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